Welcome to China for Import Business

    Visit exhibitions

  • More than 1,000 exhibitions were held in mainland China and Hong Kong every year. Buyers from around the world look for business opportunities here.

    Inspect factories

  • A reliable factory is the first step to quality of products, and Chinese factories always need inspection before they can produce as required.

    Experience China

  • Experience an old and modern country of China, knowing the food, history and society which will bring you great confidence to your import business.

What We Do For Your Trip

Business Guiding

A experienced guider with fluent English brings you a enjoyed trip.

Supplier Audit

We inspect each supplier to ensure authenticity and reliability.


We transport you to everywhere by air, high-speed rail or official car.


Global chains or luxury hotels bring you safety and hygiene living.

Chinese Cuisine

Free yourself and try fresh local food, not expensive but wonderful.


Experience Chinese Culture and Enjoy Entertainment and Leisure.

Services Pricing

The price for one person, We accept on-site payment by credit card and cash back to clients.


  • Hotel on 4 stars standard
  • Normal offical Car
  • Driver and a guider with fluent English
  • Three daily diets
  • No more than 600Km per day
  • Sightseeing and leisure



  • Global chains or luxury hotels
  • Luxury offical Car
  • Driver and a guider with fluent English
  • Three daily diets
  • More than 600Km per day
  • Customized sightseeing and leisure


What Clients Said

  • From Hongkong Fair to Canton Fair,Your service is as perfect as ever. You show me the unknown side of the world's manufacturing capital-Guangzhou, Dongguan city.That's amazing,Looking forward to half a year later

    Adam Brandom
  • I never thought the factory would be in such a remote place. I would never have arrived without you. Thank you for giving me a comfortable journey, and the production process is interesting.

    Steve Artur
  • Official cars are so important for my journey that apart from talking to factory owners, I slept all the way, and my wife was satisfied with the journey.

    Martin Victor